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Apply to Present at Next Venture Forum: March 13, 2015


History & Overview

Mid Atlantic Diamond Ventures (MADV) assists early-stage technology and innovation-based companies acquire funding and build sustainable businesses. MADV prepares the companies for investment, helps ensure their investment materials are as defensible and compelling as they can be, and provides networking connections plus coaching around critical aspects of entrepreneurship and building a business.

If companies are deemed appropriate and have passed through the “MADV process,” including our highly acclaimed coaching sessions, they may present at our forums in order to connect directly with investors. All major angel constituencies and groups within the Greater Philadelphia region as well as Ben Franklin Technology Partners – one of the largest funders of early-stage innovation-based firms in the U.S. – are sponsors of the MADV program. In addition, many early stage VCs and individual investors also attend MADV forums.


Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures was founded with two primary missions:

  1. To foster the development of science and technology-driven businesses toward pursuit and attainment of third-party investment funding
  2. To educate participants about the process of new venture development and the key factors critical to long-term sustainability.

Our Product

What emerging firms usually need most is an infusion of capital to accelerate their growth, market their products and services, continue with clinical trials, and conduct beta programs. MADV provides access to funding sources and ensures firms are ready for significant funding. Our process better positions the firm for funding while often increasing the value of the firm at an early and crucial stage.

Our goal is for the entrepreneur to attract an interested and intrigued investor, angel constituency or venture capital firm and receive feedback on strategy prior to “going live”.

To achieve this goal, we assist with the following:

  • Developing strategic, realistic and compelling investment materials including an executive summary and investment-focused presentation
  • Providing an insider’s view on how investors think and what they seek in emerging firm
  • Connecting founders to key organizations and individuals who can fulfill needs, provide funding or referrals to capital, become potential customers, vet technologies, etc.
  • Providing feedback and advice on key aspects of entrepreneurship such as business model, intellectual property, competitive landscape, market dynamics, appropriate milestones, realistic financial projections and more.

Our Track Record

Since 2003, MADV has assisted over 230 emerging firms. MADV "alumni" companies have raised over an estimated $175M in early stage funding as a result of their participation in our program as well as other venture programs. These successes are a result of our broad and diverse network partnered with our extensive coaching sessions. MADV offers an unsurpassed network of investors, industry experts, technologists, support organizations, academicians, consultants and service providers to best connect and position emerging firms for commercial success and sustainability. In addition, Entrepreneurs report that MADV’s coaching sessions were the most rigorous and effective in the extended region.